At TK Designs we put our pants on in the morning just like the rest of the world, one leg at a time. However, once our pants are on, we design and develop great websites.

We specialize in design and development. We are a full service firm with knowledge on all sides of the web specturm. Are you looking to build your brand online? Maybe you already have an online presence but would like to rebrand yourself. Or maybe you want to increase your search engine rankings so you’re the first thing that comes up for your niche market on Google and other engines. We can do it, just say the word and we’re on it!

Oh, and whatever service you decide we can help you with, we will will give you a free consultation on your web presence as a whole.

It’s OK to contact us, we don’t bite. And if you would like to know how much we cost, you can also get an idea at how our pricing works.



Our world revolves around design. We have been designing since the beginning of time, or at least the internet, and we are excited by every little pixel. Our design will get your story out so the whole world knows exactly what your brand is about.

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Web Development

There are no limitations to what we can develop. On the web, your imagination is the limit – if you can dream it we can build it.

Content Management Systems >> Ecommerce >> Flash >> Custom blog design >> Page coding


Websites nowadays have to be living-breathing things in order to keep your audience interested and coming back. On top of updating your site, our maintenance plan also covers free site traffic reports. This means that every month you get a complimentary traffic report in your E-Mail box to let you know how your site is doing. On top of this, everyone one of our maintenance plans includes a complimentary single page redesign every six months.

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Online Marketing

The design of your page is only 50% of the work. Your site must provide clear content to match the design and draw an audience. To draw an audience your page must rank at the top of Google’s (and other engines) search results. We can optimize your website so you are at the top of the results. After all is done, we can keep an eye on your site and tell you how many users your site is drawing in, information about the users, and where they’re coming from.

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