How much will it cost?

We get this question daily and there is never a simple answer. Every project varies and there is not a simple solution but we will try our best to clear things up for you.

Before we talk concrete numbers we have to warn you that we are not the lowest bidder for your project. If you want to get your site out the door for the lowest price possible without much consideration for quality you should look somewhere else, and we can help you find templates online. We are a small firm that does the quality of a big design firm for a very competitive rate, but we are not the start-up designer who will give you the “I will hook you up” deal.”

We are very passionate about what we do and about helping your business flourish through the best possible web solutions. We do not want to launch a project knowing that we did not do the absolute best we could to help our client achieve their maximum potential online.


So in all of our rambling above, we still did not give you a definite price. No two projects are the same and we generally charge per project, but if we had to give an hourly rate it would be in the $80-$100 per hour ballpark (so the per project rate is a much better deal for our customers).

So how much does it cost for a website? Before we explain our process, the cut and dry price is starting at $2000. This price includes a static website, SEO optimization, and free consulting. The basic price also includes usability testing from five users. This means that we will sit five people in front of a computer and monitor how easily they navigate your site. If you would like to add more users to test out the site it will of course cost more. If you would like a backend system (CMS) to easily update your site without any coding, look to double the above price.


We also offer maintenance plans. We have a special deal for clients we have designed/redesigned a site for; we offer a basic plan of $100 a month for updates once every two weeks (just text and image updates, does not include page redesign – although we will have special deals for our customers who are subscribed to our yearly maintenance plan), a site metrics report to give you an idea of your customer base, and server maintenance. We charge clients whom we have not designed the site for $150 a month with the yearly subscription. This is a good deal for anyone because just two hours of work will cost well above $150.

Even if you end up not using our maintenance services for a month (even without your updates we send you your site traffic for the month and back everything up) the service pays for itself. If something goes wrong and a day’s worth of work has to go into your site, that’s going to cost you about the same price as a year’s worth of our maintenance service would have cost you. That’s just assuming that something will go wrong ONLY ONCE!

How we work – the process

And now onto the design process. Let’s say a client comes to us with text for their new site in hand, this is what will go into the project:

  • Project management and correspondence: approximately 10-15 hours will go in this step
  • Research and architecture for your site: approximately 10-15 hours will go into this step
  • Draw up the site: about 10-15 hours will be spent drawing up the site
  • Code the site: 20-30 hours will be spent on this step
  • Search engine optimization: 5 hours will be spent giving your site basic optimization
  • Usability review: about 10 hours will be spent here doing the reviews and making appropriate changes
  • Q&A and final changes: about 10 hours will be spent here

We were generous with those numbers, but you get the gist. Over 100 hours of quality man power hours will go into each project. We also build other web applications and, so feel free to get in contact with us. We hope to work with you!