About Us

We are infatuated with the web and dream in code and wireframes.

Formed by Tedi Konda in January of 2009, TK Designs creates and builds functional, practical, and attractive interfaces tailored to meet the needs of our clients’ users and their respective industries.

TK Designs uses intelligent design and technique to enhance the branding of each client’s business by creating a striking and memorable online presence for each client. Our mission is to help businesses flourish while simultaneously making the online world a better place.

TK Designs is located in the Washington DC metro area, but we work with customers across the globe. Regardless of your location, we will work to meet your needs – our consultations can be conducted in-person or via web conference.

We look forward to hearing from you, so please get in touch with us.


Every year the importance of web sites grows. This puts many businesses at a disadvantage because people discriminate based on the brand’s website, but on the flip side it puts those who have a solid web presence at a big advantage over their competitors.

While a good design is very important to give you an edge, that is only part of it. How will people find your website? Did you know Google is used for over 90% of searches on the internet? Did you also know that nowadays users don’t usually bother to look past the first three to five results? If they don’t find what they’re looking for in the first few links they do another search. On top of helping you come up at the top of Google’s page, we can also give you a presence by marketing your brand in the right networks on the web.

How will your customers remember your brand over other brands in the same market? After the search is done users do a comparison with other sites in the same niche market. What will make them remember and choose you over the others? Not only can we help leave a memorable impression through your website, we can write and organize your content in a way that your audience will favor you over your competitors.

Once the site is completed, we can go straight to the source – your customers. We can do usability testing for the website to see how the average joe reacts to it. We will also keep an eye on the numbers your site pulls to know which areas we need to improve on.

We are past the era of a website being a commodity. It is now the go-to place for your business and if done right, it will help you grow exponentially.